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Vision 2040 Long Range Plan

By on Wed, August 24, 2016

Throughout the Vision 2040 process, community input helped shape and update VIA’s Long Range Plan. The Long Range Plan envisions a region with a multimodal network of options, improved frequency, and an expanded service area.




View Vision 2040 Long Range Plan


Volume 1 – The Role of Transit in a Growing Region
Needs Assessment
Service Area Guidelines
Understanding VIA’s Role in History

Volume 2 – Developing Vision 2040
Phase 1 Stakeholder Involvement Summary
Phase 2 Stakeholder Involvement Summary
Phase 3 Stakeholder Involvement Summary
Phase 4 Stakeholder Involvement Summary
The Visioning Process

Volume 3 – Defining Projects and Plans
Fixed Route
Funding and Finance
Non-Fixed Route Services

Vision 2040 Acronyms
Vision 2040 Glossary

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