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City Council to vote on millions in new funding for improved VIA bus service

By on Wed, December 7, 2016

The San Antonio City Council is expected to vote Thursday on a plan that could funnel millions of dollars to VIA Metropolitan Transit to fund enhanced bus service in several key areas.

Council members will consider a phased-in funding plan that would direct $2.2 million in fiscal 2018, $6.5 million in fiscal 2019 and $10 million in fiscal 2020 and beyond to VIA for the improved service.

Those municipal funds would support the transportation agency’s plans to boost bus frequency on 10 routes, including those affecting the Thousand Oaks, Medical Center and Port San Antonio areas, among others. The funding would also enable VIA to make a series of travel time and capacity improvements on seven additional major corridors, including San Pedro Avenue, Broadway Street and East Houston Street.

Under the plan, VIA would provide the capital to buy an additional 24 buses in fiscal 2017 needed to support the improved service.

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